City of the Beasts Character Descriptions

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Alexander Cold

This character is a fifteen-year-old who visits the jungle for the first time.

Nadia Santos

This character is a young person with a mature understanding of life in the rainforest because of having lived there.

Kate Cold

This character is a writer for International Geographic who shows love by helping others to become self-sufficient.

Cesar Santos

This character knows the jungle well and is a guide to the expedition.

Professor Ludovic Leblanc

This character is an arrogant anthropologist who is sure that he knows more than anyone on the expedition.


This person is an undercover agent working for the protection of indigenous people.

Mauro Carias

This character wants to wipe out the indigenous population of the Amazon jungle so that he can exploit its resources.

Dr. Omayra Torres

This character poses as a friend to the natives, but actually plans to help inject them with...

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