City of the Beasts Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapters 1 through 3

• Alex says that his family is coming apart because his mother is sick.

• Alex sees his father shaving his mother's head.

• Alex vents his anger by destroying the contents of his room, injuring his hand.
• Alex's sisters go to live with their mother's mother.

• Alex goes to live with his father's mother, Kate, in New York.

• Kate does not come to pick him up at the airport.
• A girl named Morgana offers Alex marijuana, then steals his backpack.

• Alex remembers that Kate turned him against smoking by making him smoke cigars.

• Alex eventually makes his way through New York City to his grandmother's apartment on his own.

• Kate warns Alex that she will not pamper him in the jungle.
• Kate smokes a pipe, drinks vodka, and lives an adventurous life.

• Kate gives Alex his grandfather's flute and a book about health tips for adventurers.

• Kate tells...

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