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Short Answer Questions

1. Which famous novel is discussed by Quinn and Paul Auster in Chapter 10?

2. What is the name of Quinn's poetry book?

3. Who does Quinn write about in Chapter 11?

4. Where does the first meeting between Quinn and Stillman take place?

5. Which day of the week does Quinn meet Stillman for the first time?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Quinn gives up his writing lifestyle in favor of living on the streets. Being close to the Stillmans means he can protect them. Write an essay explaining the process Quinn goes through to become a bum. Does Quinn miss his old life at any point during his time on the streets? How does he adapt to his new lifestyle? What innovative ideas does he come across to make his life easier?

Essay Topic 2

Virginia Stillman is the very embodiment of sexuality in City of Glass. When Quinn first meets her, he cannot help but picture her naked. Write an essay that explains the role sexuality and Virginia Stillman play in City of Glass. Why does Quinn find himself so attracted to her? In what way is the kiss between Quinn and Virginia important in the beginning of the story? Does Quinn really think he will get to sleep with Virginia? Does he ever consider the consequences if he did?

Essay Topic 3

When Quinn is at the train station and he sees the two Stillmans, the moment is symbolic. Both men are identical in physical appearance. The objective of this lesson is to explore the meaning behind the double Stillman encounter. What do the two different Stillmans represent? Which one is real and which one is an illusion? Does Quinn choose to follow the correct one?

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