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Short Answer Questions

1. What activity does Quinn like to do on a daily basis?

2. Why was Peter finally freed from his confinement?

3. Why does Quinn experience a moment of panic while following Stillman home?

4. What is the first thing Quinn writes in his notebook?

5. Which train station does Quinn first see Stillman at?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Quinn feel when he assumes the persona of Paul Auster?

2. How was Peter Stillman finally discovered and freed from his confinement when he was young?

3. Why does Quinn pretend to be Henry Dark when he meets Stillman the second time?

4. What does Peter Stillman look like?

5. How did Virginia and Peter Stillman first meet?

6. How does Quinn react the first time he is called by Peter Stillman?

7. What activities does Peter Stillman enjoy on a daily basis?

8. What is the elder Stillman's reaction to Quinn when they first meet face to face?

9. Why does Quinn choose to leave the library without recording any information in his notebook?

10. How does Quinn react to seeing two nearly identical elder Stillmans while at the train station?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Loss is a recurring theme in City of Glass. Quinn's wife and child died prior to the first chapter of the story. Write an essay that explores the idea of loss within the context of the plot. Why does the reader never find out how or when Quinn's family died? How do their deaths impact Quinn throughout the story? What are some of the reminders he comes across everyday that make him think of his family?

Essay Topic 2

Another recurring theme in City of Glass is that of multiple identities. Quinn has three identities other than his own: Max Work, William Wilson, and Paul Auster. Write an essay that explores the idea of multiple identities within the context of the plot. In what way is Quinn able to use these different identities to his advantage? When is he able to use them? Are other characters aware of these identities?

Essay Topic 3

Quinn gives up his writing lifestyle in favor of living on the streets. Being close to the Stillmans means he can protect them. Write an essay explaining the process Quinn goes through to become a bum. Does Quinn miss his old life at any point during his time on the streets? How does he adapt to his new lifestyle? What innovative ideas does he come across to make his life easier?

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