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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Quinn and his mind at the start of Chapter 12?
(a) His mind becomes sharper and more intelligent.
(b) His mind begins to revert backward to his childhood.
(c) His mind begins to lose grip on reality.
(d) His mind develops special powers.

2. What does Quinn discover when he enters the Stillman apartment in Chapter 13?
(a) The apartment is inhabited by the elder Stillman.
(b) The apartment is empty.
(c) The apartment is inhabited.
(d) The apartment is filled with newspaper clippings.

3. What does Quinn do with the money in his bank account?
(a) He gives it away.
(b) He gives it to Peter Stillman.
(c) He withdraws most of it.
(d) He burns it.

4. What does Quinn bring with him every morning when he goes out to track Stillman?
(a) A glass of milk, cereal and his notebook.
(b) A donut, a carton of orange juice and a book.
(c) A coffee, a buttered roll, and a newspaper.
(d) A loaf of bread, potatoes and water.

5. How old is Paul Auster's son?
(a) Between the ages of ten and eleven.
(b) Between the ages of fourteen and fifteen.
(c) Between the ages of two and three.
(d) Between the ages of five and six.

6. Why does Stillman refuse to talk to Quinn when they first meet?
(a) Because he dislikes the way Quinn looks.
(b) Because he knows Quinn has been following him.
(c) Because he does not socialize with writers.
(d) Because he declares Quinn a stranger.

7. What food item does Paul Auster make for Quinn in Chapter 10?
(a) A pie.
(b) An omelette.
(c) A pizza.
(d) A sandwich.

8. What great truth is Stillman attempting to discover through his research in Chapter 9?
(a) A new race.
(b) A new home.
(c) A new language.
(d) A new God.

9. How does Quinn feel when Virginia's phone constantly rings busy at the start of Chapter 11?
(a) Sad.
(b) Worried.
(c) Happy.
(d) Angry.

10. Which floor is Paul Auster's apartment on?
(a) 9th.
(b) 1st.
(c) 11th.
(d) 22nd.

11. Which article of clothing does Stillman always wear when he goes out each morning?
(a) A long overcoat.
(b) A white dress shirt.
(c) A fedora hat.
(d) A pair of polished black shoes.

12. Which month is it when Quinn runs out of money while living on the streets?
(a) August.
(b) March,
(c) May.
(d) December.

13. Who is the first person Quinn calls after becoming a bum?
(a) Peter Stillman.
(b) Victoria.
(c) Paul Auster.
(d) Max Work.

14. Why does Quinn begin to regret wasting pages in the beginning of his notebook?
(a) Because he realizes soon he will run out of space in the notebook.
(b) Because he has a strong desire to start over.
(c) Because he feels he is more enlightened now than before.
(d) Because he dislikes what he wrote at the beginning.

15. What does the last sentence in the red notebook read?
(a) "I am thirsty but my desire to read is greater."
(b) "Mind over matter."
(c) "What will happen when there are no more pages in the red notebook?"
(d) "What will I do when all goes dark?"

Short Answer Questions

1. What important discovery does Quinn make at the end of Chapter 8?

2. Which activity does Quinn enjoy most while living on the streets?

3. Which of the following are objects does Stillman collect off the street?

4. Why is Quinn angry at the beginning of chapter 10?

5. Does Paul Auster enjoy Quinn's poetry?

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