City of Glass Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What are some aspects of Quinn's personality?

Quinn is a complicated person. He lives alone and misses his dead wife and child. He enjoys writing, yet feels that in some ways his fictitious protagonist Max Work is more realistic than he is. He often feels detached from reality. He is not depressed and yet never seems happy either throughout City of Glass.

2. Why does Quinn admire Max Work?

Quinn admires Max Work because he is a man who gets things done. Quinn is the type of person who likes to hide from the world while Max Work is the complete opposite. Max always knows what to do in any situation. He is aggressive and quick-witted.

3. Why does Quinn publish his books under the name William Wilson?

Quinn publishes under the name William Wilson because he likes to keep his real identity secret. Not even his friends know that the writes for a living. William Wilson is purely an abstraction of Quinn himself.

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