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I Love New York Song

Write a song dedicated to the city of New York. The lyrics should be written from Quinn's perspective.

Quinn's Apartment Diorama

Create a diorama of Quinn's New York apartment. Use descriptions from the book as a basis for your design.

Max Work

Draw a portrait of Max Work as he is described in City of Glass. Use your imagination to fill in the details that are not specified in the book.

What happened to Quinn's family?

Write a short story describing what might have happened to Quinn's wife and son.

Mystery Book Covers

Create three mystery-themed book covers for Quinn's novels. These images can be created using any available materials in the classroom.

Peter Stillman's Wardrobe

Design a floor plan for Peter Stillman's wardrobe closet. Think about why his closet would be unique when compared to the other characters in the story. Make...

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