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Cassandra Clare
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Raphael disappear once inside the vampire lair?
(a) He is captured.
(b) He says he went to check out a noise.
(c) He decides to go back outside.
(d) He falls through a hole to the basement.

2. Who does Raphael say he is looking for among the vampires?
(a) His brother.
(b) His cousin.
(c) His girlfriend.
(d) His sister.

3. Where did Jocelyn hide the Mortal Cup?
(a) In a picture hanging in Luke's living room.
(b) In the zoo.
(c) In the Louvre.
(d) In Dorothea's Tarot card deck.

4. With what is Valentine not concerned?
(a) The children will be changed even if they do not become shadowhunters.
(b) Only about twenty percent of the children he exposes the cup to will survive.
(c) The impact upon Mundanes losing their children.
(d) The children will be taken from their parents.

5. What interrupts Clary's dreaming?
(a) The arrival of Jeremiah.
(b) Her mother's voice.
(c) The arrival of Simon.
(d) A fight between Jace and Alac.

6. What does Hodge tell the young ones to do?
(a) Not to interfere with Valentine.
(b) To report to him if Valentine arrives at the Institute.
(c) To try to capture Valentine if he arrives at the Institute.
(d) To never be alone.

7. Who follows Hodge into an alley?
(a) Alec.
(b) Isabelle.
(c) Jocelyn.
(d) Clary.

8. What does a werewolf tell Raphael?
(a) That they are there to claim that territory.
(b) That they will kill all the vampires if Jace is hurt.
(c) That they expect the vampires to move to another city.
(d) That they are there for Clary.

9. What does Simon do when the Shadowhunters go into the apartment building?
(a) Sleeps.
(b) Goes to pick up some drinks.
(c) Goes around back.
(d) Waits by the van.

10. What happens when Jill stands before the Council?
(a) They remove her block.
(b) They question her extensively.
(c) They are unable to remove the block.
(d) They give her a history of her family.

11. What does Dorothea suddenly say?
(a) That the Cup is damaged.
(b) That she has to go meet with Panghorn.
(c) That she is not leaving without a fight.
(d) That she has never met Valentine.

12. Why does Valentine want the Mortal Cup?
(a) To recruit an army of child shadowhunters.
(b) No one knows why he wants it.
(c) To create several shadowhunters to stay in Idris and do his bidding.
(d) To become immortal.

13. Who has been watching over Clary?
(a) No one.
(b) The Clave.
(c) The wolf pack.
(d) Valentine's cohorts.

14. With whom does Clary argue at the Institute?
(a) Alec.
(b) Hodge.
(c) Simon.
(d) Isabelle.

15. What would happen if Hodge leaves the Institute?
(a) He will die.
(b) Nothing.
(c) He will be tracked down.
(d) He will lose his magic.

Short Answer Questions

1. For how long has the Silent City been around?

2. What does Jace say the pact with the religions of the world is?

3. What is wrong with Alec after the fight?

4. What does a young boy tell Jace and Clary?

5. What does Simon point towards?

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