City of Bones Character Descriptions

Cassandra Clare
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Clary Fray

The daughter of Jocelyn who does not know anything about her mother's past.

Jace Wayland

A shadowhunter who is adopted by the Lightwoods, and becomes like a brother to Alec and Isabelle.


He has been in love with Clary for ten years, but she does not notice it.


Jace's best friend and brother in battle.


She is also secretly intimidated by Clary because now there is another girl around the boys.


He was punished for his involvement with the Circle by cursing him.

Magnus Bane

The grand warlock of Brooklyn.


The leader of the Circle.


Valentine's second in command until he was turned into a werewolf.

Jocelyn Fray

An exiled shadowhunter, who was married to Valentine.


The cat that lives at the Institute.

Chairman Meow

Magnus Bane's cat.


Hugo is Valentine's bird, who now lives with Hodge.

Madame Dorothea

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