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Cassandra Clare
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What structure does Jace see from the ship as he and Luke search for Clary in Chapter 18?
(a) The Statue of Liberty.
(b) The Sears Tower.
(c) The Empire State Building.
(d) The Golden Gate Bridge.

2. What does Luke say the Clave will do to Jace if they find him guilty in Chapter 15?
(a) Send him to the Silent City.
(b) Strip him of his Marks.
(c) Kill him.
(d) Send him to live with Valentine.

3. What are the werewolves at the next booth eating while they discuss Harry Potter in the Epilogue?
(a) A small child.
(b) Raw lamb shanks.
(c) Burgers and fries.
(d) Pizza.

4. What is the title of Chapter 13?
(a) "The High Warlock of Brooklyn."
(b) "A Host of Rebel Angels."
(c) "The Mortal Sword."
(d) "And Death Shall Have No Dominion."

5. Whom does Maia encounter in the alleyway as she leaves Luke's home in Chapter 15?
(a) Raziel.
(b) Agramon.
(c) Daniel.
(d) Elias.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the composer of Gaspard de la Nuit described in Chapter 13?

2. What street is below Isabelle's bedroom window in Chapter 16?

3. What is Clary surrounded by when the flying demon takes her to the center of the ship in Chapter 18?

4. Where does Clary ask Luke to drop her off in the Epilogue?

5. What does the narrator say Clary had always hated in the beginning of Chapter 18?

Short Essay Questions

1. What exchange takes place between Clary and Luke in the Epilogue?

2. What do Clary and Jace discuss in the Epilogue?

3. What does Simon discover when he awakens in Chapter 16? Where is Simon?

4. How is the effectiveness of Clary's rune proven in Chapter 14?

5. How does Jace reach Valentine's ship in Chapter 13? What does he encounter when he reaches the ship?

6. What type of rune does Clary draw in Chapter 14? Who does she draw the rune on?

7. What purpose does the Epilogue serve in City of Ashes?

8. Whom does Clary encounter at the hospital in the Epilogue? What does this character reveal?

9. Where does Maia go in Chapter 15? Whom does she encounter?

10. How does the Inquisitor save Jace's life in Chapter 18?

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