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Cassandra Clare
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What restaurant do Jace and Clary go to in the Epilogue?
(a) Paulie's.
(b) Katz's.
(c) Eli's.
(d) Taki's.

2. Who greets Clary when she arrives at Simon's house in the Epilogue?
(a) Simon's mother.
(b) Luke.
(c) Max.
(d) Simon's father.

3. What kind of demons are described in Chapter 18 as having "green bodies, wide mouths, and horns"?
(a) Raum demons.
(b) Moloch demons.
(c) Kuri demons.
(d) Oni demons.

4. What demons are described in Chapter 18 with "flames jetting from their empty eyes"?
(a) Moloch demons.
(b) Raum demons.
(c) Oni demons.
(d) Kuri demons.

5. Who does Jace say they need to help them get onto Valentine's boat in Chapter 17?
(a) Magnus.
(b) Maryse.
(c) Abbadon.
(d) Max.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Maia's former pack member that she describes being ripped in half by a vampire in Chapter 16?

2. What is the book that all runes are said to come from in Chapter 14?

3. What is the title of Chapter 17?

4. Who answers Isabelle's door when Alec pounds on it in Chapter 16?

5. What has Raphael brought to Jace in Chapter 13?

Short Essay Questions

1. What exchange takes place between Clary and Luke in the Epilogue?

2. How does Jace reach Valentine's ship in Chapter 13? What does he encounter when he reaches the ship?

3. What type of rune does Clary draw in Chapter 14? Who does she draw the rune on?

4. What exchange takes place between Clary and Valentine in Chapter 19?

5. Where does Maia go in Chapter 15? Whom does she encounter?

6. What happens after Magnus arrives at Luke's house in Chapter 12?

7. How do Jace, Clary, and Luke manage to get on Valentine's ship in Chapter 17?

8. How does Clary manage to destroy Valentine's ship in Chapter 19?

9. What happens when Jace boards the ship in Chapter 19?

10. What exchange takes place between Valentine and Jace in Chapter 13?

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