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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Captain Krausa?
(a) The harbormaster.
(b) The skipper of the Sisu.
(c) The sargeant for the Sargon.
(d) The grocer on the corner.

2. One night Thorby discovered Baslim dressed as a what?
(a) A shipmaster.
(b) A merchant.
(c) A gentleman.
(d) A slave.

3. Why did Baslim send Thorby to the shipyards?
(a) To talk to a ship master.
(b) To get a job as a sweeper.
(c) To deliver a message.
(d) To keep him out of his business.

4. What was the first thing the boy tried to do?
(a) Bite the beggar.
(b) Beg the Syndonian.
(c) Run away.
(d) Hit the beggar.

5. What happened to Fritz and Thorby when they go to dirt?
(a) They run into a pickpocket.
(b) They get lost.
(c) They spend all their money.
(d) They fall in love.

Short Answer Questions

1. Baslim began teaching Thorby to do what?

2. What did Baslim ask of Captain Krausa?

3. What did the woman tell Thorby to do after the patrolman left?

4. What language does Thorby reveal his message in?

5. To Thorby, Earth is a what?

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