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This place is a capital of a planet and the Nine Worlds, where the story begins.

Stellars and Minims

These are the currency in the nine worlds.

The free traders

This is a cult-like community of loosely connected family units that live on trading ships. They have no ties to any land-based government.

Starship Sisu

This is the free trader ship that Thorby lives on after he leaves the planet he had been on.


This is a particular animal from an obscure planet with few qualities to recommend it. Some use this animal as a contemptuous term referring to people from outside of their culture.


This is the militaristic dictator who governs the nine worlds.

The Hydra

This is the military vessel commanded by Colonel Brisby. Captain Kraussa delivers Thorby to Colonel Brisby and this ship at Baslim's request.

Joy Street

This place is the...

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