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Grandmother's Eulogy

Grandmother has died and someone must give the eulogy. Present the eulogy and explain who gives it. Give as much background information as possible and explain more about this character.

Baslim's Prosthetics

Baslim is in the market for a new leg. Write out the specifications, given what is known in the book, about what he is looking for and what the prosthesis will need to be able to do.

Uncle John's Resume

Poor Uncle John needs to dust off his resume and find a new job. Help him fill out the paper work with all his qualifications and what he can do for his next company.

X Corps

The X Xorps is looking for a few good men. Create a poster or commercial for the organization to get new recruits.

Mata's Letter

Mata is aboard a new ship but finds where Thorby is and sends him...

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