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Chapter 1

• Thorby is a small frail boy up for bid at a slave auction.

• A beggar, Baslim, buys Thorby for a very small price.

• Baslim takes Thorby home and feeds him, finding that Thorby has malnutrition and abuse issues.

• Baslim is kind to Thorby and Thorby cries himself to sleep holding onto Baslim.

Chapter 2

• Thorby is plagued by severe nightmares.

• Baslim probes Thorby's mind and finds that Thorby was born free and English was his first language.

• Thorby is strong and healthy and since his begging becomes less effective he begins stealing.

• Baslim offers to free Thorby but Thorby begs to be kept on as a slave.

Chapter 3

• Thorby continues to do well in his private studies with Baslim.

• Baslim has Thorby deliver strange cryptic messages.

• Baslim wants Thorby to go somewhere to have a chance to make a better life for himself but Thorby runs away rather...

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