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Short Answer Questions

1. What does the author describe the man at the cash register asking her in Chapter 3?

2. What does the author describe buying from the cashier when out with her friend in Chapter 3?

3. What does the author describe her friend calling her because she is late in the beginning of Chapter 3?

4. According to the world's view, the author says in Chapter 4, "No one should adhere to the facts that contribute to" what?

5. Who is the researcher that came up with the term "John Henryism"?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the author describe Serena Williams's career in 2012?

2. Who is Franz Fanon and why does the author cite him in Chapter 2?

3. What symbolism can be seen in the imagery in Chapter 1?

4. How does the author illustrate the differences between white and black experiences in Chapter 3?

5. What realization does the author reach in Chapter 3?

6. How does the author describe Serena Williams's performance in the 2009 U.S. Women’s Open in Chapter 2?

7. What is symbolized by the imagery on the cover of Citizen: An American Lyric?

8. What theme predominates Chapter 1 of Citizen: An American Lyric?

9. How is the theme of memory addressed in Chapter 4?

10. How does the narrator feel about her experiences described in Chapter 1?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the experiences of Serena Williams described in the text. What were the obstacles that Serena Williams faced? How did Serena Williams cope with those obstacles? Why does the author use Serena Williams as an example in the book?

Essay Topic 2

Describe and discuss the death of Mark Duggan. Where and when was Duggan killed? What led to his death? How did Duggan's death impact race relations in England and in other parts of Europe?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the events surrounding the Rodney King beating and the ensuing riots. What led to Rodney King's beating? How were these events presented in the media? How did the Rodney King beating influence race relations in the U.S.?

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