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Short Answer Questions

1. How does the man that John Grady asks to be Magdalena's godfather respond to this request in the book?

2. What does the person that helps Magdalena when she has a seizure with a customer in Chapter 3 use to prevent her from biting her tongue?

3. Where is the first bad gash John Grady suffers during the knife fight with Eduardo?

4. What does the stranger Billy meets in the Epilogue say he was traveling through in a dream?

5. Which of the following things does John Grady not tell Billy about just before dying?

Short Essay Questions

1. How are John Grady and Billy able to coerce their horses to go to the top of the mesa?

2. How is John Grady and Eduardo's knife fight described?

3. How are Billy's actions described when he goes to the White Lake after Magdalena's death?

4. What is the nature of Billy's conversation with a police officer after discovering Magdalena was dead?

5. How does John Grady discover that Magdalena has died?

6. How does Billy survive when he travels to New Mexico in the epilogue?

7. What does John Grady do after killing Eduardo?

8. How do John Grady and Billy find a litter of puppies that are trapped on the mesa?

9. What does John Grady do at his house just after finding out about Magdalena's death?

10. What happens when Magdalena has a seizure while she is with a client in Chapter 3?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The presence of God is found in many parts of the book and is discussed by several characters including John Grady, Magdalena and Eduardo. Part 1.) What role does God appear to play in Magdalena's mindset throughout the book, and what can we learn about the nature of her character based on her religious practices? Part 2.) What can we learn about Eduardo's true nature based on his and Magdalena's conversations regarding God and prayer? Part 3.) What might the author be saying about God based on the outcome for book's more religious characters like Magdalena, Eduardo and John Grady?

Essay Topic 2

Horses play a starring role in many parts of the book and allow the reader to better understand the book's characters based on their treatment of these animals. Part 1.) What do horses appear to mean and represent to the cowboys in the book, and what role do they play in their everyday life? Part 2.) Considering this role, what can we learn about John Grady's motivations when he decides to sell his horse in order to marry Magdalena? Part 3.) How does the author use horses as a way of judging the character of the cowboys?

Essay Topic 3

The events of the past play an integral role in the lives of the book's characters for various reasons. Part 1.) What role does the past play in the relationship between John Grady and Mr. Johnson in the book? Part 2.) What purpose might the author have for placing such emphasis on the ways and customs of the past throughout much of the book, what might he be saying about the nature of change and progress based on this portrayal? Part 3.) Given how the book ends, what impact did Billy's experiences in the past impact his actions later in life, namely when he begins working for a family?

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