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Mac McGovern's Ranch

This is where John Grady and Billy work.

The White Lake

This is the most expensive whorehouse around.

La Venada

This is a smaller and less expensive brothel.

The House By Bell Springs

This place has been abandoned for many years and is a complete mess.

The Cafe on Calle Noche Triste

This is where Magdalena goes to meet a driver who is supposed to help her escape and get her a green card.

The Clubhouse

This is where John Grady hides after he kills Eduardo.

John Grady's Horse

This is a wild animal that causes a lot of trouble for the protagonist.

The Auction

John Grady, Mac and Oren go here to buy horses.

The Herd

This is what the cowboys are in charge of working.

Wild Dogs

John and Billy use these to hunt.

The Mexican Revolution

This was a vicious fight that...

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