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Lesson 1 (from Ch. I Pages 3-26)


Ch. I, Pages 3-26: The novel "Cities of the Plain" is the third and final installment in the Border trilogy written by Cormac McCarthy that also includes the novels "All the Pretty Horses" and "The Crossing". Through these books, the author places most focus on the character Billy, who may not always star in the major conflicts of the book, but always manages to be impacted by them. This lesson will discuss the Border trilogy series.


1. Group Activity: Have the class split into groups of four and create a time-line of Billy's experiences throughout the first two books by researching them in class. After your group completes the list, have one member share your findings with the rest of class.

2. Class Debate: Have the class split into two groups and have each side argue whether the reader loses important details and information by only reading...

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