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Ch. I Pages 3-26

• John Grady, Billy and Troy visit a whorehouse named La Venada.

• John Grady, the youngest of the group, notices a beautiful Mexican girl but he himself doesn't sleep with any women.

• The men go back to the ranch where they work as cowboys.
• John Grady tries to break a wild horse and spends endless hours doing so.

• John Grady eventually is injured by the horse and Billy playfully makes fun of him for not being able to break it.
• Billy and Troy go for a drive and Troy talks about possibly leaving the ranch and working for his brother, Elton.

• Troy tells him about a time when he rode through the desert for hours and ended with many rabbit heads in his car grill.

• The men arrive at Elton's ranch and eat dinner.

• We learn Billy was a 4-F and didn't fight in the...

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