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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is at the top of Anita's stairs when she gets home from the police station after fighting the giant cobra at Circus of the Damned?

2. How do vampires traditionally hunt?

3. What does Anita find in the second victim's chest at the morgue?

4. What suddenly surrounds Anita and Larry in Chapter 23?

5. Who takes point position as the group approaches the vampire vault at the morgue?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does everyone in the room react to the fight between Anita and Yasmeen?

2. Who is Edward, and what does he want with Anita?

3. What does Dolph tell Anita when he calls her about the second crime scene?

4. Why does Anita call Mr. Oliver in Chapter 44, and how does she feel afterward?

5. What does Dolph reveal when he phones Anita in Chapter 45?

6. What happens while Anita is examining the body at the second crime scene, and why is this significant?

7. Who is Larry Kirkland, and how does Anita save him in Chapter 19?

8. Describe the scene when Anita returns to Larry in Chapter 36.

9. What does Jean-Claude explain to Anita when she arrives at the Circus of the Damned on Halloween?

10. What does Anita want to prevent Larry from doing, who agrees, and why?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

How does the setting of "Circus of the Damned" affect the action of the novel?

Essay Topic 2

What is RPIT? How is Anita involved with RPIT? How does the presence of RPIT affect the novel as a whole?

Essay Topic 3

Choose two characters that act as a foil to one another. In what ways do these characters serve as opposites? Are these differences indicative of good and evil?

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