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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Anita shoot in the face in Chapter 40?
(a) Edward.
(b) Melanie.
(c) Melanie's significant other.
(d) Alejandro.

2. After Anita escapes from the cave, who picks her up on the side of the road?
(a) Richard.
(b) Jean-Claude.
(c) Dolph.
(d) Edward.

3. How long has Inger been Mr. Oliver's human servant?
(a) 700 years.
(b) One million years.
(c) 5000 years.
(d) 30 years.

4. Who phones Anita in Chapter 28, requesting a meeting?
(a) Melanie.
(b) Karl Inger.
(c) Alejandro.
(d) Mr. Oliver.

5. What does Anita ask Irving to do before revealing that Alejandro is the Master of the City?
(a) Ask Mr. Oliver if it is true.
(b) Talk to Alejandro.
(c) Clear it with Jean-Claude.
(d) Nothing.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mr. Oliver tell Anita he wants to do in Chapter 30?

2. What does Larry find leverage in during Anita and Bert's argument in Chapter 32?

3. Who does Anita tell Edward is the Master of the City?

4. What does Anita threaten to do to save Larry at the Circus of the Damned?

5. In Chapter 46, what does Jean-Claude explain will take place inside the ring?

Short Essay Questions

1. What awaits Anita at her apartment after she returns from the Circus of the Damned in Chapter 38?

2. What does Alejandro do to Anita during the fight between Jean-Claude and Mr. Oliver?

3. Why does Anita call Mr. Oliver in Chapter 44, and how does she feel afterward?

4. What does Jean-Claude explain to Anita when she arrives at the Circus of the Damned on Halloween?

5. Who is Melanie?

6. How does Alejandro convince Melanie to betray Mr. Oliver, and what does he want from Anita?

7. What happens when Mr. Oliver orders Anita to kill Jean-Claude?

8. Describe the scene when Anita returns to Larry in Chapter 36.

9. What does Richard tell Anita when she awakes in the hospital in the final chapter?

10. What does Ronnie tell Anita when she calls in Chapter 31?

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