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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Anita do when she takes the hammer and stake from Mr. Oliver?
(a) Drives the stake into Alejandro's heart.
(b) Drives the stake into Mr. Oliver's heart.
(c) Drives the stake into her own heart.
(d) Drives the stake into Jean-Claude's heart.

2. Who has Larry pinned to the floor when Anita returns to him in Chapter 36?
(a) Marguerite.
(b) Yasmeen.
(c) Stephen.
(d) Richard.

3. At first, what is Anita able to tell about Mr. Oliver's age?
(a) He is at least 500 years old.
(b) He is over 100 years old.
(c) He is a newborn.
(d) He is older than anything or anyone she ever imagined.

4. In Chapter 34, when do Anita and Larry arrive for the meeting with Jean-Claude?
(a) Just before midnight.
(b) Right at noon.
(c) Just after twilight.
(d) Just before dawn.

5. What does Alejandro say will happen once Anita kills Jean-Claude?
(a) He does not ask Anita to kill Jean-Claude.
(b) He and Anita can rule the city together.
(c) He will kill Anita.
(d) He will leave her alone.

6. What does Anita do on her way downstairs to see Jean-Claude that Irving assures her is not necessary?
(a) Phones Dolph with her location.
(b) Insists Larry remain upstairs.
(c) Draws her gun.
(d) Calls out of work.

7. When does Anita finally after home?
(a) Midnight.
(b) Before 4 A.M.
(c) At nearly 2 P.M.
(d) Just after 9 A.M.

8. What did Jeremy Ruebens claim on the morning news?
(a) That Anita has joined Humans First.
(b) That he killed the Master of the City.
(c) That Anita is a vampire.
(d) That he and Humans First saved Anita from the Master of the City.

9. Why does Anita feel pain in her leg in Chapter 41?
(a) She has no idea.
(b) She was shot.
(c) She was bitten by Alejandro.
(d) She was bitten by the lamia.

10. What is Melanie?
(a) A werewolf.
(b) A vampire.
(c) An animator.
(d) A lamia.

11. What does Anita refuse to allow Larry to do at the Circus of the Damned in Chapter 34?
(a) Hold a gun.
(b) Kill anyone.
(c) Meet the Master of the City.
(d) Go to the Circus of the Damned.

12. Why does Jean-Claude prevent Anita from shooting Yasmeen in Chapter 36?
(a) He does not prevent Anita from shooting Yasmeen.
(b) He is in love with Yasmeen.
(c) He and Yasmeen have been friends for several centuries.
(d) He needs Yasmeen to help him fight off Alejandro.

13. When Anita awakes in Chapter 42, where does she find herself?
(a) Her apartment.
(b) The caves.
(c) Jean-Claude's bedroom.
(d) Mr. Oliver's cabin.

14. What does Anita threaten to do to save Larry at the Circus of the Damned?
(a) Shoot Jean-Claude in the chest.
(b) Shoot Yasmeen in the throat.
(c) Shoot Marguerite in the head.
(d) Stab Marguerite in the arm.

15. What does Anita realize when she feels a strange wind at her back?
(a) The police helicopter is landing.
(b) Alejandro has given her the second mark.
(c) She is going to die.
(d) Jean-Claude has arrived.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did the second victim have in common with the first victim?

2. What advice does Anita give Richard as he drops her off at her apartment?

3. What does Anita ask Irving to do before revealing that Alejandro is the Master of the City?

4. Who stands atop a dais in front of a throne during the battle at the Circus of the Damned?

5. Who gives Anita the fourth mark to make her a human servant?

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