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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does the murderous vampires' descriptions match?
(a) Mr. Oliver and Alejandro.
(b) No one Anita has ever met before.
(c) Richard and Irving.
(d) Jean-Claude and Yasmeen.

2. Why is Anita angry about Jean-Claude's discovery of what Alejandro has done to her?
(a) She is tired.
(b) She got fired because of him.
(c) She does not get angry.
(d) She just wants to be out of the whole mess.

3. How does Alejandro plan to make Anita pay?
(a) By killing Anita.
(b) By giving her the first mark.
(c) By killing Jean-Claude and taking over the city.
(d) By giving her the third mark.

4. What wakes Anita from her sleep in Chapter 27?
(a) Her pager beeping.
(b) Someone knocking on her door.
(c) Someone breaking into her apartment.
(d) The phone ringing.

5. Why does Jean-Claude prevent Anita from shooting Yasmeen in Chapter 36?
(a) He needs Yasmeen to help him fight off Alejandro.
(b) He is in love with Yasmeen.
(c) He and Yasmeen have been friends for several centuries.
(d) He does not prevent Anita from shooting Yasmeen.

6. How does Anita escape from the cave?
(a) She kills everyone.
(b) She does not escape; they release her.
(c) Through a narrow crack that leads outside.
(d) She is rescued.

7. Who is Anita asked to meet in Chapter 28?
(a) Alejandro.
(b) Mr. Oliver.
(c) Jean-Claude.
(d) Melanie.

8. Who phones Anita in Chapter 28, requesting a meeting?
(a) Karl Inger.
(b) Alejandro.
(c) Melanie.
(d) Mr. Oliver.

9. Who arrives while Anita is cleaning her wounds at her apartment after escaping from the caves?
(a) Edward.
(b) Dolph.
(c) Jean-Claude.
(d) Richard.

10. What does Mr. Oliver command Anita to do?
(a) Kiss Mr. Oliver.
(b) Stake Jean-Claude.
(c) Agree to marry Richard.
(d) Become Alejandro's human servant.

11. When Mr. Oliver makes Anita feel warm and comfortable, how does she react?
(a) By yielding to the feelings.
(b) By laughing at him.
(c) By becoming suspicious.
(d) By shooting him.

12. What does Alejandro force on Anita as Edward tries to kill Alejandro?
(a) The second mark.
(b) Nothing; Edward kills Alejandro before he can even look at Anita.
(c) His body.
(d) The third mark.

13. What does Anita do when she takes the hammer and stake from Mr. Oliver?
(a) Drives the stake into Jean-Claude's heart.
(b) Drives the stake into Alejandro's heart.
(c) Drives the stake into Mr. Oliver's heart.
(d) Drives the stake into her own heart.

14. What has Jean-Claude done that makes Anita claim she would rather have died?
(a) Fallen in love with her.
(b) Given her the third mark.
(c) Kissed her.
(d) Given her the fourth mark.

15. In Chapter 35, what does Anita say two vampires cannot have?
(a) The same human servant.
(b) Feelings for one another.
(c) A child.
(d) Trust.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Anita taken in Chapter 39?

2. Who is waiting for Anita in her apartment in Chapter 38?

3. Who is waiting for Anita at her apartment in Chapter 26?

4. Who does Anita call after learning the identities of the murderous vampires?

5. Where do Anita, Larry and Edward arrive at the beginning of Chapter 46?

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