Circus of the Damned Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Who are Jeremy Ruebens and Karl Inger, what do they want from Anita, and how does she respond?

Jeremy Ruebens is a miserable man whom Anita has met in the past and who annoys her continuously. Anita has never met Karl Inger before, but both men claim to belong to Humans First, a new group intent on killing all vampires. They want Anita to tell them the daytime resting location of the Master of the City because they want to kill him, but Anita claims ignorance. Disbelieving Anita, Rueben threatens her, causing her to flash her gun.

2. What is Anita's reaction to the crime scene she examines in Chapter 2?

At the crime scene in Chapter 2, Anita examines the victim's body and realizes that five vampires killed the man. She considers this to be odd because vampires usually hunt alone. She agrees to speak to the Master of the City and Malcolm, the head of the Church of Eternal Life since they will know if a rogue master vampire is on the loose.

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