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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 40-44.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who interrupts Anita's slumber in Chapter 27?
(a) Irving.
(b) Bert.
(c) Jean-Claude.
(d) Richard.

2. What does Anita tell Larry to do as she draws her gun in Oakglen Cemetery?
(a) Run.
(b) Leave her.
(c) Get down.
(d) Kill everyone.

3. In Chapter 21, who prepares to put the zombie back in his grave when the lawyers and family are finished with him?
(a) Larry.
(b) Anita.
(c) Dolph.
(d) Edward.

4. Who checks on the object that Larry hits with the car in Chapter 22?
(a) Larry.
(b) Jeremy Ruebens.
(c) Anita.
(d) Edward.

5. Why is Anita angry at Richard in Chapter 42?
(a) Because he took her to Jean-Claude rather than let her die.
(b) Anita is not angry at Richard.
(c) Because he allowed a lycanthrope to bite her.
(d) Because he is a lycanthrope.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did the morgue stay at the St. Louis City Hospital after the rest of the hospital was evacuated?

2. How many people were killed by vampires in Larry's hometown?

3. Who has changed into a wolf during the stand-off over Larry in Jean-Claude's living room?

4. What is the main attraction in the big tent?

5. What is Anita doing when Yasmeen enters the room at the Circus of the Damned in Chapter 6?

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