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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the question about ownership of Hogan's Outfitters?
(a) whether Sean had been made a partner
(b) whether Eddie was about to fire Sean
(c) whether Sean can take control
(d) whether Sean killed Eddie to get the shop

2. What causes everyone to become concerned in Knockglen?
(a) Nan commits suicide
(b) Westlands catches fire
(c) Heather disappears
(d) Benny has Sean arrested

3. Why is Heather so pleased with the praise she gets for her part in the Easter pageant?
(a) she likes being a star
(b) she thinks it will spite Simon
(c) she says it is her best Easter ever
(d) she knows her grandfather was there

4. What is Lilly's reaction to Nan?
(a) she thinks Nan will be a perfect daughter-in-law
(b) she thinks Nan will be too expensive for Jack to keep
(c) she doesn't like her but finds nothing wrong with her
(d) she likes Nan but senses she is lying

5. What does Jack have to tell Benny?
(a) that his parents want them to break up
(b) that he has to marry Nan
(c) that he has been lying to her about his feelings
(d) that he no longer loves her

6. How do John and Lilly react to Jack's news that he and Nan must marry?
(a) they are confused
(b) they are angry
(c) they are thrilled
(d) they are indifferent

7. Where do Sean and Mrs. Healy go to get married?
(a) Dublin
(b) Rome
(c) Galway
(d) London

8. Who is coming to Eve's cottage party after first declining the invitation?
(a) Heather
(b) Kit
(c) Simon
(d) Nan

9. What does Mrs. Healy call the way Fonsie is dressed for Holy Communion?
(a) appropriate
(b) ridiculous
(c) blasphemy
(d) funny

10. What are Benny and Heather doing when Heather asks about the boy Benny had been dieting for?
(a) eating candy
(b) visiting Eve at the cottage
(c) walking to Westland
(d) riding bicycles

11. What is troubling Nan when Emily finds her lying in bed?
(a) she is tired of Simon
(b) she is pregnant
(c) she is coming down with the flu
(d) she has learned that Simon has no money

12. What happens when Kit invites Paddy Hickey for tea?
(a) Paddy asks if he can bring a lady friend
(b) Paddy refuses to visit a married woman
(c) Paddy flirts with Kit
(d) Paddy talks about Kit's husband

13. Who does the doctor tells Annabel not to tell about Eddie Hogan's death?
(a) Benny
(b) Peggy
(c) Sean
(d) Simon

14. Where do Nan and Simon stay on their second night together?
(a) Eve's cottage
(b) the Dublin Inn
(c) Mrs. Healey's hotel
(d) at Westlands

15. Why does Benny wish she could be like Eve and work in Dublin?
(a) so she would not get so tired on the bus
(b) so she could be closer to Jack
(c) so she could hear all the gossip
(d) so she could wear low cut dresses

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Kit not know about her son Jack?

2. What does Benny find out about why her parents were out the night of the dance?

3. What is the outcome for Benny after all the tragedy?

4. Where does Jack invite Nan to go because he thinks Benny is in Knockglen?

5. Who figures out that Heather is hiding out in Eve's cottage?

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