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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Benny find envelopes of money Sean had been embezzling?
(a) the drawers of the sewing machine
(b) in a sock under the counter
(c) in a cardboard box
(d) under a loose floorboard

2. Why is Jack upset when he talks to Benny?
(a) because he is going away
(b) because he saw her with Aidan
(c) because she won't hold his hand
(d) because she still has to go home nights

3. What do Jack and Nan do in front of her house after the rugby club dance?
(a) they make love
(b) they argue
(c) they kiss
(d) they talk about her preganacy

4. Who shows up to drive Eve and Heather on their outing?
(a) Simon
(b) Seam
(c) Brian
(d) Jack

5. What causes everyone to become concerned in Knockglen?
(a) Benny has Sean arrested
(b) Nan commits suicide
(c) Westlands catches fire
(d) Heather disappears

6. What does Jack do when Benny touches his face?
(a) laughs out loud
(b) pushes her hair back
(c) kisses her hand
(d) pulls away from her

7. What does Kit not know about her son Jack?
(a) that he saw Brian as a substitute father
(b) that he hated his father
(c) that he worked for his father
(d) that he spent time with his father

8. What is the question about ownership of Hogan's Outfitters?
(a) whether Eddie was about to fire Sean
(b) whether Sean had been made a partner
(c) whether Sean can take control
(d) whether Sean killed Eddie to get the shop

9. What does Clodagh suspect about Jack?
(a) that he loves Benny
(b) that he will not marry Nan
(c) that he will run away to Wales
(d) that he used Benny to get to Nan

10. What is troubling Nan when Emily finds her lying in bed?
(a) she is coming down with the flu
(b) she is pregnant
(c) she has learned that Simon has no money
(d) she is tired of Simon

11. What is Lilly's reaction to Nan?
(a) she doesn't like her but finds nothing wrong with her
(b) she thinks Nan will be a perfect daughter-in-law
(c) she likes Nan but senses she is lying
(d) she thinks Nan will be too expensive for Jack to keep

12. Who does the doctor tells Annabel not to tell about Eddie Hogan's death?
(a) Peggy
(b) Benny
(c) Sean
(d) Simon

13. Why does Mrs. Healy refuse to allow Fonsie and Clodagh to enter the hotel bar?
(a) because they are too young
(b) because of the way they are dressed
(c) because they are unescorted
(d) because they do not have the money

14. Where does Nan tell her mother she is going while she is packing her bag?
(a) Benny's house in Knockglen
(b) to London with Rosemary
(c) Eve's boardinghouse
(d) at Sheila's house in the country

15. Who asks Mrs. Healy to marry him and she accepts?
(a) Paddy
(b) John
(c) Sean
(d) Simon

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Lilly concerned for Benny?

2. What is Benny's reaction when Jack tells her he took Nan to the dance?

3. Why does Benny wish she could be like Eve and work in Dublin?

4. What is Simon's response when Nan says they should marry?

5. What is the outcome for Benny after all the tragedy?

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