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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whose death becomes the talk of the town?
(a) Fonzie's
(b) Nan's
(c) Maj. Westward's
(d) Sean's

2. What does Nan say about Eve after she is coy about the outing?
(a) she says Eve never notices anything
(b) she says Eve plays too many games
(c) she says likes the way Eve keeps secrets
(d) she says would hate to have Eve as an enemy

3. Who does the doctor tells Annabel not to tell about Eddie Hogan's death?
(a) Simon
(b) Sean
(c) Peggy
(d) Benny

4. What does Jack not know when he arranges for Nan to meet him at the cottage?
(a) that Eve is going there that night
(b) that Sean Walsh has bought the cottage next door
(c) that Heather and Benny are staying there
(d) that Simon and Clodagh are meeting there

5. Who asks Mrs. Healy to marry him and she accepts?
(a) Paddy
(b) Simon
(c) Sean
(d) John

6. What does Benny find out about why her parents were out the night of the dance?
(a) they were having tea with Mother Clare
(b) they were rearranging Hogan's outfitters
(c) they got lost on the way to dublin
(d) they were out walking

7. Who does Lilly think her son Jack is inviting to lunch?
(a) some of his male friends
(b) a new girl from school
(c) Rosemary or Nan
(d) Benny or Eve

8. Why does Benny wish she could be like Eve and work in Dublin?
(a) so she would not get so tired on the bus
(b) so she could hear all the gossip
(c) so she could wear low cut dresses
(d) so she could be closer to Jack

9. What is Sean's surprise proposal to the Hogans?
(a) that he and Benny get married
(b) that Mr. Hogan sell him the store
(c) that they give him free clothes instead of a raise
(d) that he become a partner in lieu of a raise

10. What does Clodagh suspect about Jack?
(a) that he will not marry Nan
(b) that he used Benny to get to Nan
(c) that he loves Benny
(d) that he will run away to Wales

11. What happens about Hogan's Outfitters when Benny and Annabel go to see the lawyer?
(a) they find out that the letter was forged
(b) they decide to go ahead with the partnership
(c) they learn that the partnership papers had been signed
(d) they decide to hold off on any decisions

12. Why does Heather say Simon is in England?
(a) looking for a job
(b) hiding from Nan
(c) selling some heirlooms
(d) looking for a wife

13. Who figures out that Heather is hiding out in Eve's cottage?
(a) Benny
(b) Peggy Pine
(c) Clodagh
(d) Mother Francis

14. Why does Jack pull of the road on the way to take Benny to Knockglen?
(a) to mend a flat tire
(b) because he runs out of gas
(c) because he needs to kiss her
(d) so he can hold her and let her cry

15. What does Simon want from Eve?
(a) forgiveness
(b) help making friends with Jack
(c) to be family again
(d) information about Nan

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Mother Francis trying to do with the cottage?

2. What are Benny and Heather doing when Heather asks about the boy Benny had been dieting for?

3. What is Simon's response when Nan says they should marry?

4. What does Patsy say about how Benny's parents feel about a relationship between Benny and Sean?

5. Why is Jack upset when he talks to Benny?

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