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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Mr. Flood's strange ailment before he is cured?
(a) dancing jigs in the streets
(b) walking on all fours
(c) seeing nuns in trees
(d) talking to animals

2. What is Nan planning to tell Jack?
(a) that she loves him
(b) that she is leaving the country
(c) that she no longer wants to see him
(d) that she is pregnant with his child

3. What happens after the confrontation between Eve and Nan at the cottage?
(a) Jack calls off the wedding
(b) Eve is arrested
(c) Nan miscarries
(d) Benny slaps Nan

4. Who prevents Kit from coming to Knockglen for Christmas?
(a) the boys in her house
(b) Mother Clare
(c) she is ill
(d) her brother comes to visit

5. What is Mother Francis trying to do with the cottage?
(a) improve it for Eve
(b) rent it out for Eve
(c) sell it for Eve
(d) tear is down for Eve

6. Who shows up to drive Eve and Heather on their outing?
(a) Brian
(b) Seam
(c) Simon
(d) Jack

7. Why does Mrs. Healy refuse to allow Fonsie and Clodagh to enter the hotel bar?
(a) because they are unescorted
(b) because they do not have the money
(c) because they are too young
(d) because of the way they are dressed

8. What is the outcome for Benny after all the tragedy?
(a) she drops out of the circle of friends
(b) she comes to love herself
(c) she leaves school and finds a job
(d) she becomes bitter

9. What does Simon want from Eve?
(a) forgiveness
(b) information about Nan
(c) to be family again
(d) help making friends with Jack

10. What is the close call Jack and Nan have in Knockglen?
(a) Heather comes to the cottage but doesn't go in
(b) Jack is seen getting gas for the car
(c) Eve arrives only moments after they leave
(d) Mother Francis knocks on the door, but leaves

11. Who asks Mrs. Healy to marry him and she accepts?
(a) Simon
(b) Sean
(c) Paddy
(d) John

12. Where do Nan and Simon stay on their second night together?
(a) the Dublin Inn
(b) Eve's cottage
(c) Mrs. Healey's hotel
(d) at Westlands

13. Who finds out when Mother Clare is leaving Knockglen?
(a) Kit
(b) Heather
(c) Mother Francis
(d) Eve

14. What does Kit receive after Joseph dies?
(a) advice from Fergie
(b) the title to her house
(c) a visit from Paddy
(d) insurance money

15. Where does Nan tell her mother she is going while she is packing her bag?
(a) to London with Rosemary
(b) Eve's boardinghouse
(c) Benny's house in Knockglen
(d) at Sheila's house in the country

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Simon's response when Nan says they should marry?

2. Who does the doctor tells Annabel not to tell about Eddie Hogan's death?

3. Where does Jack invite Nan to go because he thinks Benny is in Knockglen?

4. What does Nan say about Eve after she is coy about the outing?

5. What does Jack have to tell Benny?

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