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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Benny go to work at the shop?
(a) she thinks it will help her be close to Eddie
(b) she wants to learn about business
(c) she wants to be close to Sean
(d) she has an interest in it

2. What is Simon's response when Nan says they should marry?
(a) we can elope tonight
(b) it will never happen
(c) all right if the baby lives
(d) it's the only thing we can do

3. What is Nan planning to tell Jack?
(a) that she no longer wants to see him
(b) that she is leaving the country
(c) that she is pregnant with his child
(d) that she loves him

4. Where does Nan tell Jack she is going?
(a) to Paris to learn French
(b) to a convent to become a nun
(c) to America to start fresh
(d) to London to study dress making

5. What is Benny's reaction when Jack tells her he took Nan to the dance?
(a) she starts crying and runs away
(b) she shrugs her shoulders
(c) she says she is glad he took Nan
(d) she demands to know what happened

6. Why is Heather so pleased with the praise she gets for her part in the Easter pageant?
(a) she thinks it will spite Simon
(b) she says it is her best Easter ever
(c) she likes being a star
(d) she knows her grandfather was there

7. Where does Jack invite Nan to go because he thinks Benny is in Knockglen?
(a) a night time drive
(b) a birthday jparty
(c) a dance
(d) the movies again

8. Where does Nan tell her mother she is going while she is packing her bag?
(a) Benny's house in Knockglen
(b) to London with Rosemary
(c) Eve's boardinghouse
(d) at Sheila's house in the country

9. Who asks Mrs. Healy to marry him and she accepts?
(a) Simon
(b) Paddy
(c) Sean
(d) John

10. Who shows up to drive Eve and Heather on their outing?
(a) Seam
(b) Jack
(c) Brian
(d) Simon

11. Where does Benny find envelopes of money Sean had been embezzling?
(a) the drawers of the sewing machine
(b) under a loose floorboard
(c) in a cardboard box
(d) in a sock under the counter

12. Whose death becomes the talk of the town?
(a) Fonzie's
(b) Maj. Westward's
(c) Nan's
(d) Sean's

13. Who finds out when Mother Clare is leaving Knockglen?
(a) Eve
(b) Kit
(c) Heather
(d) Mother Francis

14. Where do Sean and Mrs. Healy go to get married?
(a) Dublin
(b) Galway
(c) London
(d) Rome

15. What is Mother Francis trying to do with the cottage?
(a) improve it for Eve
(b) sell it for Eve
(c) rent it out for Eve
(d) tear is down for Eve

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Nan and Jack wake up together?

2. Who figures out that Heather is hiding out in Eve's cottage?

3. What happens when Kit invites Paddy Hickey for tea?

4. What is the outcome for Benny after all the tragedy?

5. Why is Jack upset when he talks to Benny?

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