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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who shows up unexpectedly at Kit Hegarty's house?
(a) Jack Foley
(b) Mother Clare
(c) Nan
(d) her husband

2. What comment does Aengus make about Benny's dress?
(a) it's definitely her color
(b) it's the best dress at the party
(c) it looks like the prow of a ship
(d) she's popping out of it

3. What does Nan tell her father she was afraid of his doing if he came to the hospital?
(a) chastising her
(b) making a scene
(c) falling down drunk
(d) ordering the doctors around

4. Who does the doctor tells Annabel not to tell about Eddie Hogan's death?
(a) Sean
(b) Peggy
(c) Simon
(d) Benny

5. Who is the blonde girl Benny meets at the accident site?
(a) Patsy
(b) Nan Mahon
(c) Kit Hegarty
(d) Jack Foley's daughter

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Kit receive after Joseph dies?

2. How does Nan see the boys from the university?

3. Who does Benny's father send Patsy to bring to the house?

4. What does Nan say about Benny's standing up to Sean Walsh?

5. Who is the man who enters the hotel and keeps looking at Nan?

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