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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Eve ask of Mother Francis that no one will tell her?
(a) what her condition is
(b) how she got there
(c) how long she will have to stay in hospital
(d) where she is

2. Why does Nan not notify her parents?
(a) she thinks they will make her come home
(b) her mother has a heart condition
(c) she knows they don't care
(d) her mother is at work and her father will make a fuss

3. What is in a letter for Benny that she does not want Nan and Eve to know about?
(a) an invitation to a lunch date signed, love Jack
(b) an anonymous note saying Jack is in love with her
(c) a thank you from Jack for the meal in Knockglen
(d) a request to arrange a meeting with Nan

4. What does Benny have trouble finding out about?
(a) what happened to Eve's parents
(b) where the family will vacation
(c) why she is an only child
(d) how much money the shop makes

5. What does Nan say about Benny's standing up to Sean Walsh?
(a) she says enyone could stand up to him
(b) she says Jack had to help her out
(c) she says it was just a game to Benny
(d) she says it's a first step

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Eve suggest Benny tell Mrs. Healy about why they are in the hotel?

2. Who is waiting for Benny as she arrives home on the bus?

3. Why is Annabel sure that Benny will bring home new friends from Dublin?

4. What is Eve doing when Benny asks her to put down a knife?

5. What is it about Eve that makes Benny jealous?

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