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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Annabel happy knowing where Benny is that morning?
(a) she is with Mother Francis
(b) she is working at her father's store
(c) she is with Eve
(d) she is at a church social

2. What does Benny see in the mirror after trying on the new clothes?
(a) a large child with a red face wearing a jumper
(b) a large child ready to leave for school
(c) a large girl who looks slimmer in the new clothes
(d) a large girl who looks like a clown

3. Who prays to find the money to send Eve to university?
(a) Annabel
(b) Mrs. Healy
(c) Mother Francis
(d) Benny

4. Why does Even not go to university with Benny?
(a) she could not get money from her inheritance
(b) she wants to learn a trade and go to work
(c) her grades were not good enough
(d) the convent cannot afford to send her there

5. Why is Benny unusual in her community?
(a) she is an only child
(b) she is taller than the boys
(c) she is older than she looks
(d) she is adopted

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Eve's estranged grandfather in a wheelchair?

2. Trying to hide her resentment of having to come home each night from university, how does Annabell interpret Benny's responses?

3. What does Benny say is considered a sin in the town?

4. What opinion do Eve and Benny have of Sean?

5. What are Eve and Benny secretly doing at Healy's prior to leaving for Dublin?

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