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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Eve ashamed?
(a) she said harsh words to Mother Clare
(b) she did not plan to call Mother Francis
(c) she jumped in fornt of the car deliberately
(d) she pushed the boy into the car

2. What is Eve doing when Benny asks her to put down a knife?
(a) talking about suicide
(b) cutting bread
(c) playing mumblypeg
(d) talking about Simon

3. What is the argument about between Nan and her father Brian?
(a) her going out with so many boys
(b) her spending too much money
(c) her use of too much makeup
(d) her studying upstairs in her room

4. Why does Dr. John Foley want his son, Jack, to drive him to Knockglen?
(a) he is afraid of the Knockglen people
(b) he has heard Kit Hegarty is in Knockglen
(c) he thinks it would be good for Jack
(d) he is still nervous about driving

5. Why is Nan's father angry with her?
(a) she had some stranger call them
(b) the message she left frightened the family
(c) she wasn't supposed to be in Dublin
(d) she never called them at all

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Jack ask to go with him to the dance?

2. What does Annabel say about Eve that bothers Benny?

3. What does Nan say about Eve after she is coy about the outing?

4. Trying to hide her resentment of having to come home each night from university, how does Annabell interpret Benny's responses?

5. Who does Eve get to help her with her chores at Mrs. Hegarty's boardinghouse?

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