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Francis Kalnay
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What type of meat do gauchos eat?
(a) Sausage and beefsteak.
(b) Mostly chicken.
(c) Mostly pork.
(d) Mostly chicken and iguana.

2. What is one of the most vexing aspects of the weather on the Pampas?
(a) The sun is quite hot at times.
(b) Tornadoes.
(c) Flooding.
(d) Blizzards.

3. What does Pedro do successfully with his father?
(a) Builds a safer chicken house because of the coyote.
(b) Delivers the llama's cria.
(c) Kills and skins a coyote.
(d) Lassoes a horse.

4. How many farms are grouped into a large estate?
(a) 50-100.
(b) 10-20.
(c) 1-5.
(d) 20-40.

5. What poster does Juan once draw?
(a) One showing all the rivers and tributaries in Peru.
(b) One depicting Jesus Christ as a shepherd.
(c) One showing Pedro on his llama.
(d) One showing all the waterfalls in his area.

6. What does Jose think about Juan's actions?
(a) That something special has happened.
(b) That Juan is actually sad.
(c) That Juan is not thinking clearly.
(d) That Juan will miss his mustache.

7. What is a very rich land owner called?
(a) Estanciero.
(b) Cabolo.
(c) Patron.
(d) There is no special name for such a person.

8. What color is the animal Pedro sees?
(a) Pinto.
(b) Gray.
(c) Pinkish.
(d) Burnt red.

9. Who is Gitana?
(a) Pedro's donkey.
(b) Carlos' horse.
(c) Juan's horse.
(d) Juan's wife.

10. What is a physical feature of the mayordomo near Juan and Pedro?
(a) Tall.
(b) Very fat.
(c) Very short.
(d) Blind in one eye.

11. What did the author of Juan's most important post card forget?
(a) To put a stamp on it.
(b) To include a return address.
(c) To say what date the card is written.
(d) To put Juan's last name on the land title.

12. From where does Pedro listen to Juan?
(a) Sitting on Juan's porch steps.
(b) On Chúcaro's back.
(c) Lying in the hayloft.
(d) Lying next to Chúcaro.

13. Where does the land owner of a large group of farms often stay?
(a) On the estate closest to a large city.
(b) It depends on what any particular ranch is doing at the moment.
(c) On his birth estate.
(d) In other parts of the world.

14. What are the cowboys of the narrator's home area called?
(a) Rancheros.
(b) Pampa.
(c) Horse riders.
(d) Caballeros.

15. What is the name of the country where Pedro lives?
(a) Brazil.
(b) Guatamala.
(c) Argentina.
(d) The United States.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Juan throw something to Pedrito?

2. What causes Pedro's father to lose his joy for life?

3. What animal does Pedro see at the opening of Chapter 1?

4. Where does Juan keep his things in his home?

5. Why do the people on the ranch gossip about Juan?

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