Chucaro: Wild Pony of the Pampa Character Descriptions

Francis Kalnay
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Pedro - He is the standard innocent young boy who develops a special bond with an animal.

Juan - He is a young, relatively quiet and solitary gaucho who is Pedro's primary caretaker.

Chúcaro - The beautiful, mysterious pink horse that Pedro and Juan develop a deep bond with and who they try to protect from the patrón and Armando.

Gitana - Juan's older, female horse who takes Chúcaro under her wing to teach him the ways of the horse.

The Vaquero - Pedro's father and the local town drunk.

The Mayordomo - The manager of the estancia where Juan and Pedro live.

Señor Muñez - The estanciero or patrón who owned the estancia.

Armando - The spoiled son of Señor Muñez, who was a terror to those around him.

Carlos and Jose - Local gauchos who are...

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