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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Louis travels to Pointiers, but is confronted by whom?
(a) Comte de Bretagne.
(b) Comte de la Marche.
(c) Comte de Gascogne.
(d) Comte Thibaut.

2. Louis teaches that faith in God should be so complete that what happens?
(a) Nothing can make one doubt.
(b) Nothing can make one sin.
(c) Nothing can make one unhappy.
(d) Nothing can make one willing to go against God.

3. Joinville explains he himself is stricken with what, but recovers?
(a) Scarlet fever.
(b) Yellow fever.
(c) The army disease.
(d) Lung fever.

4. The king sends religious gifts to the nearby King of Tartars for what reason?
(a) In an attempt to recruit more followers.
(b) He is friends with this king.
(c) He fears this king.
(d) In an attempt to keep the peace.

5. Seeing the battle, the king does what?
(a) Orders Joinville to leap into the sea and swim to shore.
(b) Leaps into the sea and swims to shore.
(c) Runs and hides.
(d) Turns his ships around to escape.

6. Upon payment, the Comte de Poitiers is released. What do the Turks do with the sick French men in Damietta?
(a) They torture them.
(b) They free them.
(c) They kill them.
(d) They enslave them.

7. While there, he hears a sermon from Brother Hugues, who advises him to do what?
(a) Convert the world to Christianity.
(b) Always be just, fair, and equal.
(c) Return to battle.
(d) Find peace with others.

8. Why does the Queen of Cyprus order war?
(a) St. Germain agrees to take Comte de Bretagne's daughter as a wife and later refuses.
(b) Thibaut agrees to take Comte de Bretagne's daughter as a wife and later refuses.
(c) Monte Christo agrees to take Comte de Bretagne's daughter as a wife and later refuses.
(d) Dracula agrees to take Comte de Bretagne's daughter as a wife and later refuses.

9. Joinville is summoned by the Empress of Constantinople to Paphos only to find her how?
(a) Ill.
(b) Dead.
(c) Without a proper wardrobe.
(d) Missing.

10. Why does the king hire Joinville to stay on?
(a) He is a good leader.
(b) He is wealthy.
(c) He is very persuasive.
(d) His demands are high, as he needs to feed his company.

11. Joinville and his men are taken to _________ where the king and his men are being held captive.
(a) Cairo.
(b) Montfaucon.
(c) Marseille.
(d) Damietta.

12. A month later, the king gathers the barons again for what reason?
(a) They have not paid their men.
(b) They have not informed their knights of the next phase of attack.
(c) They have not yet obtained knights he needs to win the Crusade.
(d) They are treating the enemy with cruelty.

13. They return to Saida to find the king is doing what?
(a) Preparing to return to France.
(b) Waiting for him.
(c) Having the city fortified.
(d) Destroying the city.

14. The envoy coming back from the Tartars reports that they used the religious items sent by Louis to do what?
(a) Worship their own gods.
(b) Convert their people to Christianity.
(c) Falsely indicate to other leaders that the King of France had surrendered to him.
(d) Cook food.

15. Joinville discusses the birth of the king, and how his mother raised him to believe in what?
(a) The power of wealth.
(b) The joys of family.
(c) Faith and love.
(d) God and justice.

Short Answer Questions

1. While Joinville drives them from camp, what do they note in the distance behind rocks?

2. Joinville gives another example of the king's humility, as he does what?

3. Upon his return to France, what does the king issue?

4. The king, hiding in a village, gives what order?

5. A sergeant calls for the troops to do what, as their king commands?

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