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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Chapter 3: Voyage to Cyprus through Chapter 7, Battle of Mansourah.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The ships land at Constantinople, and eventually make their way to the port at __________, where they meet the Emperor Alexius, the man who imprisoned Issac and Prince Alexius.
(a) Venice.
(b) Scutari.
(c) Constantinople.
(d) Carios.

2. Louis travels to Pointiers, but is confronted by whom?
(a) Comte de Bretagne.
(b) Comte de Gascogne.
(c) Comte de la Marche.
(d) Comte Thibaut.

3. Why does Baudouin give Marquis de Montferrat the land of Salonika?
(a) The Marquis marries the previous wife of Issac.
(b) The Marquis threatens him.
(c) The Marquis marries his sister.
(d) The Marquis financially supports him.

4. For how long was this holy city transferred back and forth between Christians and the Turks before a Holy War was initiated by Pope Gregory VII?
(a) Fifty years.
(b) Hundreds of years.
(c) Thousands of years.
(d) One hundred years.

5. Other troops land in a town near Turkey, and do what?
(a) Ignore it.
(b) Protect it and make peace.
(c) Burn it.
(d) Raid it.

Short Answer Questions

1. The expedition would travel to Cairo to crush the Turks first, and would meet in Venice by when in 1202?

2. Why does the Queen of Cyprus order war?

3. Shaw states Villehardouin made it clear the problems between the Franks and the Greeks, as well as the greed of the Franks, led to what?

4. The fleet sails from the port of Corfu when?

5. Simultaneously, a fleet of ships with hundreds of men sail through the Straits of Morocco to Venice, but these men, along with many others, failed to do what?

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