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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7, Voyage to Scutari through Chapter 12, Second Siege of Constantinople.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The fleet stops at Andros and overruns the area until when?
(a) The Emperor pays them in money and goods.
(b) They run out of ammunitions.
(c) The Pope tells them to return home.
(d) They become bored.

2. In his will, Thibaut leaves his money to his followers on what condition?
(a) They join the crusade.
(b) They fight the crusaders.
(c) They do not join the crusade.
(d) They financially support the crusade.

3. What is the goal of the crusades?
(a) To convert all to Christianity.
(b) To capture the Holy City Jerusalem.
(c) To return Europe to Christianity.
(d) To kill those who are not Christians.

4. The Crusaders send an envoy into Constantinople to ask the new Emperor to do what?
(a) Ratify the covenant his son proclaimed at the beginning of their journey.
(b) Change the laws.
(c) Help them return home.
(d) Give them payment for saving him.

5. The barons camp at the tower of ________, knowing the Greeks will soon attack. When they do so the following morning, they are defeated swiftly, and the army takes the tower.
(a) Constantine.
(b) Venice.
(c) Pisa.
(d) Galata.

Short Answer Questions

1. Pope Innocent proclaims that anyone who takes up the cross as part of the army for how long will be free from all of their sins?

2. Joinville's account of the crusade includes what?

3. Challengers of his story note that he places blame for several failures of the army on those who deserted the crusade without taking into account social situations outside of the crusades, and that he removes blame purposefully from whom?

4. The Doge makes what offer, if the French agree to pay five marks per horse and two marks per man?

5. The expedition would travel to Cairo to crush the Turks first, and would meet in Venice by when in 1202?

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