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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 1, Muster-roll of the Fourth Crusade through Chapter 6, Discord in the Army.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Through the next several decades, the area was overrun by Turks, and won back by Christians when?
(a) In the first three Crusades.
(b) In the second Crusade.
(c) In the third Crusade.
(d) In the first Crusade.

2. The envoys reach Venice, and explain to the Doge of Venice, Enrico Dandolo, that their masters wish the Venetians to do what for them?
(a) Convert.
(b) Flee the city.
(c) Build them a fleet of warships and transports.
(d) Fight for Jerusalem.

3. Geoffroy and his companions return to France to tell the news, while the others travel where to continue to rally support for the Crusade?
(a) To London and Nice.
(b) To Constantinople and Cairo.
(c) To Genoa and Pisa.
(d) To Paris and Rome.

4. When was Villehardouin born?
(a) Between 1270 and1274.
(b) Between 1150 and 1154.
(c) Between 1250 and 1254.
(d) Between 1200 and 1204.

5. In 1198, a saint named ___________ is preaching the word of God in France.
(a) Louis.
(b) Thomas.
(c) Joinville.
(d) Foulques.

Short Answer Questions

1. When did Villehardouin write the chronicle?

2. Pope Innocent proclaims that anyone who takes up the cross as part of the army for how long will be free from all of their sins?

3. Simultaneously, a fleet of ships with hundreds of men sail through the Straits of Morocco to Venice, but these men, along with many others, failed to do what?

4. Shaw closes the introduction by noting that he has modernized the chronicles for what reason?

5. Back in Venice, the Venetians show the Franks the warships they have created. Why do the French find themselves short of the amount of money they owe?

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