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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Dedication through Part 2, Chapter 2: Preparations for a Crusade.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Simultaneously, a fleet of ships with hundreds of men sail through the Straits of Morocco to Venice, but these men, along with many others, failed to do what?
(a) Arrive in Venice.
(b) Bring enough men.
(c) Bring enough supplies.
(d) Supply financial support.

2. Louis never does what after battles?
(a) Sleeps.
(b) Celebrates.
(c) Seems satisfied.
(d) Takes any of the bounty.

3. The Crusaders send an envoy into Constantinople to ask the new Emperor to do what?
(a) Give them payment for saving him.
(b) Ratify the covenant his son proclaimed at the beginning of their journey.
(c) Help them return home.
(d) Change the laws.

4. The Doge makes what offer, if the French agree to pay five marks per horse and two marks per man?
(a) Leave for Jerusalem immediately.
(b) To convert to Christianity and take up the cross.
(c) To build transports as well as ships for a fee of 85,000 marks, and to supply all with rations for nine months.
(d) Surrender the city to the Crusaders.

5. Henri and his troops follow the retreating soldiers of Lascaris until when?
(a) Henri dies.
(b) He offers a truce agreement.
(c) Lascaris dies.
(d) Lascaris surrenders.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Johanitza attacks Demotika, the people beg who to come to their aid?

2. Louis refuses peace until when?

3. Villehardouin and Comte Hugues are chosen to travel to meet some of the defecting barons to do what?

4. Henri and all able men in Constantinople go by land and sea to save Kibotos. Are they successful?

5. In Constantinople, Prince Issac and his son Alexius escape from whom?

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