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Catherine Marshall
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Short Answer Questions

1. Tom McHone is killed by what?

2. Fairlight and Christy try to use honey as a substitute for what?

3. The women are alone, for Tom McHone has crept out during the night and David is where?

4. They all decide that Tom's best chance of survival is to get to what before dawn?

5. Dr. MacNeill returns and wants to send Christy where to keep her away from the epidemic?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do you think Miss Alice is reluctant to allow Christy to help her care for Ruby Mae and did Christy make the right choice in going anyway?

2. Explain why David is initially opposed to Ruby Mae's marriage.

3. Explain how the events of Tom McHone's Death may impact the future of Cutter Gap.

4. Why is Christy upset with Dr. MacNeill over the whole incident involving the blockaders?

5. Explain the calling from God that Christy feels in chapters 27 and 28.

6. How is the theme of teamwork illustrated, in Chapters 41 and 42?

7. What is Opal's approach to handling Birds-Eye and his men?

8. Explain how Fairlight's death causes Christy to be disappointed in both herself and David.

9. Summarize Miss Alice's history.

10. Do you agree with Miss Alice still being so religious after being raped by a preacher?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Answer each of the following questions about Miss Alice using examples from the story:

1. How was Miss Alice's faith in God tested when she was young?

2. How was Miss Alice's faith in God tested in regard to her daughter?

3. Why is Miss Alice so strongly attached to Christy?

4. Do you think that you would still have faith if you had had Miss Alice's life? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

The relationships between Christy and David and Christy and the doctor play a very prominent role in the book. Answer the following questions about those relationships, using examples from the book to back up your responses.

1. Why do you feel that David is attracted to Christy and Christy is attracted to David?

2. Why do you feel that the doctor is attracted to Christy and Christy is attracted to the doctor?

3. Which of the two men, David and the doctor, do you feel that Christy should marry, if either one, and why? If she shouldn't marry either one, in your opinion, why is that the case?

Essay Topic 3

Explain the doctor's loss of faith, using several examples from the book. Also, explain whether or not you think it's possible for doctors, in general, to believe in higher powers. Why or why not? Do you think that faith in unseen things helps or hinders medical professionals?

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