Objects & Places from Christy

Catherine Marshall
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Asheville Train Station

This place is where Christy boards the train for Cutter Gap.

Cutter Gap

This place is the mountain cove where Christy teaches for a year.

El Pano

This place is a town about seven miles away from Cutter Gap and has the closest train station.

American Inland Mission

Dr. Ferrand and Miss Alice established this place to help the mountain folk of Appalachia, especially providing religion and education.

Log Bridge

One of Christy's first obstacles on her journey from El Pano to Cutter Gap was this thing.

Spencer Cabin

This is a home where the beds are all in the living room. This is where Christy meets Fairlight, who becomes her friend, and where Bob Allen has surgery for blood on the brain on the kitchen table.

Mission House

This place is the house where Christy stays while she lives in Cutter Gap. It is...

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