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Catherine Marshall
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Essay Topic 1

CHRISTY is a novel about the author's mother, who moves from an affluent city to the mountains to teach school in a small mountain community, Cutter Gap. Using examples from the story to back up your answers, answer the following questions about Christy's move to Cutter Gap:

1. Explain why Christy moved to Cutter Gap.

2. What shocking things did Christy discover about Cutter Gap, shortly after her arrival?

3. If you were Christy, would you have moved to Cutter Gap? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

One of the major themes of the story is belief in a higher power, or lack thereof. Choose any two characters from the story and describe at least three examples for each character where faith or lack of faith played a major part in that character's development.

Essay Topic 3

Answer each of the following questions about Miss Alice using examples from the...

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