Christy Character Descriptions

Catherine Marshall
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Christy Huddleston

This person is a nineteen-year-old volunteer, giving a year of her life to be a teacher deep in the Smoky Mountains in Cutter Gap. Up until the time this person leaves for Cutter Gap, this person has known a life of plenty and luxury, with the biggest problem being which shoes or hat to buy for a social event. Her very first night at El Pano, this person has to grow up, find her own way to the boarding house, and then persuade the postman to take her on a seven mile walk though the snow and ice that are too deep for a horse to travel.

Alice Henderson

This person is a Quaker Missionary from Ardmore, Pennsylvania. This person has established three missionary schools; Big Lick Spring, Cataleechie, and Cutter Gap. As a Quaker, this person eschews violence, but learned early that in order to...

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