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Catherine Marshall
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• The story is of a young and innocent girl who feels called to offer a year of her life living among and teaching the people of Cutter Gap.

• The people of Cutter Gap are of Scottish-Irish descent; they view strangers with suspicion and their ideas with greater skepticism.

• Christy begins her journey with big dreams of helping people.
• The author accompanies her mother to the isolated mountain community where her mother had volunteered to work as a teacher.

• After living her life, the author's mother returns to the Appalachian mountain community as an exercise in memory and recall.

• Virtually everything brings back poignant memories, from the Mud Hole that still is a road hazard to the old Lyon and Healy grand piano that she managed to acquire through a donation

• Entering the now deserted mission house, they find pay slips with names that vividly bring back young...

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