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Short Answer Questions

1. How many of these things must the woman and Truman kill to earn a penny?

2. What do the woman and Truman want to name their brand of coffee for a contest they entered?

3. Why are there no birds singing before the woman gets out of bed?

4. The woman is afraid that they will put someone where if they "mess around with" her superstition?

5. Where do Truman and the woman count their earned money?

Short Essay Questions

1. Name some ways that Truman and the woman earned money to make fruitcake.

2. What does Mr. Haha Jones do after the woman asks for whiskey?

3. Why does the woman call Truman "Buddy"?

4. How does Truman describe the money after they spill it from the bead purse?

5. What is the woman and Truman's reaction to Mr. Haha Jones?

6. How do the woman and Truman decorate their Christmas tree?

7. Name two adjectives to describe Mr. Haha Jones and why you chose these particular words.

8. Describe Mr. Haha Jones.

9. Why does Truman never mention the names of his relatives?

10. Describe the woman's hat.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Section 1 mentions that the woman and Truman take great care in gathering ingredients to make fruitcake. What do you think it means that they "took great care"? Explain ways that you think the woman and Truman took care in gathering ingredients and also explain other instances where they might have expressed great care in doing something.

Essay Topic 2

There is an underlying theme of giving in A Christmas Memory. Name two characters other than the woman that gave of themselves in some way in this book. Name a specific instance for both characters and explain what their expectations were after they gave of themselves. Compare and contrast these two characters' methods of giving.

Essay Topic 3

In Section 2, the relatives find the woman giving Truman whiskey and yell at her. The woman runs to her room and cries all night. Why do you think this made the woman so emotional when she already knew what the relatives were like? How does Truman cheer her up and why does this work?

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