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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Jacob Marley leaves him, what time does Scrooge wake from sleep?
(a) One o'clock.
(b) Midnight.
(c) Six o'clock.
(d) Noon.

2. Who does Scrooge believe should be confined to prisons and workhouses?
(a) The weak.
(b) The poor.
(c) The children.
(d) The elderly.

3. What does Scrooge ask the first spirit to do for him?
(a) To leave him with the memories.
(b) To send a message to Belle.
(c) To never return.
(d) To take him back home.

4. How does Scrooge respond to the invitation for a meal in Chapter 1?
(a) He doesn't give an answer.
(b) He rebukes it.
(c) He doesn't understand it.
(d) He accepts it.

5. How many visitors does Marley say will come to Scrooge in the night?
(a) Four.
(b) One.
(c) Two.
(d) Three.

Short Answer Questions

1. Through what does the first visitor travel with Scrooge?

2. Where was Scrooge left by his family during the holiday season?

3. At what time will the first two visitors come for Scrooge?

4. What are the men who are collecting money on Christmas Eve, using the money for?

5. What is Scrooge's first name?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is London described in the opening of the novel?

2. What does Scrooge see in the first scene from his childhood?

3. Who is Belle?

4. What does Scrooge think when he awakens at midnight?

5. What does Scrooge overhear Belle and her husband discussing, and how does he react?

6. What does the Ghost of Christmas Past look like?

7. How does Scrooge react to the scenes from his childhood in the countryside?

8. What other unusual sights and sounds plague Scrooge as he enters his home?

9. What unusual thing does Scrooge see on the front door to his home?

10. Who is Jacob Marley, and what does the reader learn about him right away?

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