Chosen at Nightfall Short Essay - Answer Key

C. C. Hunter
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1. Who is the uninvited guest at the beginning of Chapter 1?

There is an uninvited spirit in the dining room. She is in her early thirties and is swinging a bloody sword around.

2. What is Shadow Falls?

Shadow Falls is a camp that Kylie’s mother sent her to. It is a boarding school for paranormal teens.

3. How does Brandon treat Kylie and why?

Brandon liked Kylie until she told him he was wasting his time coming on to her. Now he snubs her. Plus every time that she accomplishes something that the teachers teach her, he seems personally insulted at her success.

4. Why do Derek and Burnett come to find Kylie?

Derek and Burnett come to warn Kylie. Mario and his team are after her and are killing anyone who gets in the way.

5. What ability does Derek use in the fight in Chapter 3?

The guys who had held Derek suddenly dropped to the ground. Derek has the ability to mentally knock people out, but leave them basically unharmed. So that is what he does.

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