Chosen at Nightfall Short Answer Test - Answer Key

C. C. Hunter
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1. What type of pizza is Kylie eating in Chapter 1?


2. How old is the spirit swinging a bloody sword in Kylie’s dining room?


3. In Chapter 1, how long has Kylie been at the chameleons’ compound?

Less than 2 weeks.

4. How far is the chameleon’s compound from Shadow Falls?

A few miles.

5. In Chapter 1, where is Kylie’s mother going with her new boyfriend?


6. How many chameleons exist across the world?

Less than 10,000.

7. In Chapter 2, where do Kylie and the others hide?


8. What color are Derek’s eyes?


9. How long has Mario been hiding?

50 years.

10. What color are Lucas’s eyes?


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