Objects & Places from Chosen at Nightfall

C. C. Hunter
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Shadow Falls

This is a camp that was turned into a boarding school for paranormal teens.

Fallen Research Unit (FRU)

This is an organized group of the paranormal government.


This is a small town in Texas near many of the camps.

Teddy Bear

This is a gift to Miranda from Perry.


This is a place Kylie likes to go to because it is very calm and peaceful.


This is an object that comes out of the water and goes directly to Kylie.

Pregnancy Tests

The ownership of these causes a lot of confusion and embarrassment for Kylie.

Red Rose

This is what Lucas leaves in Kylie’s room one night.

Bastard Sword

This is an object that is carried by the spirit that haunts Kylie.


This is what Kylie and her cabin mates use to relieve stress.


There is one of these set...

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