Daily Lessons for Teaching Chosen at Nightfall

C. C. Hunter
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Lesson 1


C. C. Hunter is the author of Chosen at Nightfall. The aim of this lesson is to examine Hunter’s life and writing.


Class Discussion: How does Hunter plan out a series? What challenges did Hunter face when she wrote the Shadow Falls series? Why does she write about the paranormal? How much of herself did Hunter use when creating Kylie and other characters? What other pseudonym does Hunter use? How are those books different from her young adult books? How did dyslexia affect Hunter’s writing? How many drafts does Hunter use when writing? How many books does Hunter typically write in a year? Does Hunter ever get writer’s block? How difficult has it been for Hunter to go from writing adult romance to young adult paranormal novels? What goals does Hunter has for her writing? How did she decide to become a...

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