Chosen at Nightfall Fun Activities

C. C. Hunter
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Shadow Falls

Create a map of the Shadow Falls camp.

Supernatural Species

Create a booklet listing the different species in the novel and the powers they possess.


Create a diorama of Kylie’s cabin.

The Falls

Draw a picture of the falls and the area around them.

Character Comparison

Compare yourself to one of the characters in the novel.

Author Interview

Write ten questions that you would ask if you could interview C. C. Hunter.

The Sword

Draw a sketch of Kylie’s sword.


Kylie and her friends liked to eat chocolate when they were stressed. Discuss with a group what you like to do to reduce stress.

Family Tree

Create a family tree for Mario and for Lucinda Esparza.

At the Beach House

Write a newspaper article about the events that happened at the beach house. Write your article from the perspective that everything that...

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