Chosen at Nightfall Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

C. C. Hunter
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Essay Topic 1

Kylie chose to leave Shadow Falls and go to the chameleon camp. What were Kylie’s reasons for leaving Shadow Falls? Why does she regret her decision? Why should she return to Shadow Falls?

Essay Topic 2

Jenny helps Kylie leave the chameleon compound. Why is it necessary for Kylie to sneak away and not wait until morning? How does Jenny feel about living on the compound? How do Jenny’s feelings about her life make her want to help Kylie?

Essay Topic 3

Kylie has to make a decision to trust Jenny and to trust the ghost. Does Kylie have trouble trusting people? Why doesn’t Kylie trust Jenny at first? What makes her decide to trust her? Why is Kylie leery of the ghost? How long does it take Kylie to trust her? What happens that makes Kylie realize she can trust the ghost? Does trusting...

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