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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when the contents of Fay's bag are revealed to Hannah and Guy?
(a) The three of them split it amicably.
(b) Everyone is speechless.
(c) Hannah and Fay fight over it.
(d) Guy takes the object and sticks it in his pocket.

2. How does Jarvis describe the sound of a pump engine?
(a) Disturbing.
(b) As a vanishing sound of England.
(c) Cacophonous.
(d) Sweet music to a soldier's ears.

3. What is Fay looking forward to seeing when Guy's friend arrives?
(a) Guy's reaction to Ian's reaction.
(b) The look on Guy's friend's face.
(c) Bridget's reaction.
(d) The look on Ian's face.

4. As Ian is waiting for Guy's friend to finish, Guy comes out dressed in what?
(a) A bathrobe.
(b) The costume of Matt the Mint.
(c) A towel.
(d) A toga.

5. Who performs the song in Act 1, Scene 7?
(a) All answers are correct.
(b) The women in the play.
(c) Guy as Filch.
(d) Crispin as MacHeath.

6. What happens when Bridget laughs at Linda while Linda is rehearsing with Crispin?
(a) Linda grabs Bridget by the hair, and a fight ensues.
(b) Linda takes a swing at Bridget but misses.
(c) Crispin tells Bridget to shut up.
(d) Linda runs off stage, weeping.

7. What is Ian waiting for Guy's friend to do as he takes a huge gulp of his drink?
(a) Leave.
(b) Redress.
(c) Tidy up in the bathroom.
(d) Bring him a drink.

8. What is the song about at the beginning of Act 2, Scene 3?
(a) The temptation of illicit love.
(b) The joys of youth.
(c) The dangers of smoking.
(d) The dog, cat, and rat.

9. What does Guy tell Jarvis about Jarvis's land?
(a) That Dafydd wants to buy it.
(b) That Ian wants to buy it.
(c) That there is a rumor that BLM wants to buy it.
(d) That it is worthless.

10. What is Fay doing as she sits at the table at the end of Act 2, Scene 1?
(a) Smiling.
(b) Drinking.
(c) Crying.
(d) Shaking.

11. What does Dafydd do in response to Crispin's threats?
(a) Accepts the challenge.
(b) Runs away.
(c) Hides behind Jarvis.
(d) Babbles incoherently.

12. Hannah says her daughters have now begun to call the Daddy doll by what name?
(a) Crispin.
(b) Guy.
(c) Ian.
(d) Dafydd.

13. When Fay leaves the room during the party with Ian and Guy, what does she take with her?
(a) Her coat.
(b) Tequila.
(c) Guy's briefcase.
(d) Ian's drink.

14. As Ian answers the door, where does Fay lead Guy?
(a) Into the kitchen.
(b) Into the closet.
(c) Into the garage.
(d) Into the bedroom.

15. Whose idea is it to give Guy the new role he is offered after someone drops out of the production?
(a) Rebecca's.
(b) Bridget's.
(c) Fay's.
(d) Crispin's.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Guy arrives at Fay and Ian's house, what is Fay armed with?

2. Fay tells Guy that anything goes except for what?

3. What does Crispin do when rehearsal breaks after the scene between him and Guy?

4. Where is Rebecca waiting for her meeting?

5. What has Guy received because of his conversation with Jarvis about Jarvis's land?

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