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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is in the bag that Fay gives to Guy?
(a) A pastry.
(b) Dafydd's missing underwear.
(c) A bottle of tequila.
(d) Guy's underwear.

2. Who is the only person who doesn't do what all of the other women do at the end of the song in Act 1, Scene 7?
(a) Enid.
(b) Rebecca.
(c) Linda.
(d) Bridget.

3. What happens when Bridget laughs at Linda while Linda is rehearsing with Crispin?
(a) Linda takes a swing at Bridget but misses.
(b) Crispin tells Bridget to shut up.
(c) Linda runs off stage, weeping.
(d) Linda grabs Bridget by the hair, and a fight ensues.

4. Who owns the land that BLM supposedly wants?
(a) Guy.
(b) Dafydd.
(c) Jarvis.
(d) Ian.

5. What is Dafydd's opinion of Crispin's relationships with Bridget and Linda?
(a) He thinks Crispin is immoral, yet human.
(b) Crispin is his idol.
(c) He thinks Crispin has both girls on a string.
(d) He thinks Crispin will get what he deserves.

6. What does Ian ask Guy about when Fay leaves the room while awaiting Guy's friend's arrival?
(a) BLM's interest in the empty property.
(b) What Fay said about him.
(c) If Guy thinks Ian would make a good father.
(d) What Guy thinks is going to happen that night.

7. Who does Dafydd shake in frustration?
(a) Crispin.
(b) Enid.
(c) Hannah.
(d) Guy.

8. How long is the rehearsal break Dafydd orders after the scene between Crispin and Guy?
(a) Fifteen minutes.
(b) Twenty minutes.
(c) A half hour.
(d) An hour.

9. What does Crispin's character, MacHeath, say the joys of being with a woman can do?
(a) Help a man escape reality.
(b) Dissolve a man's depression.
(c) Make the real world go away.
(d) Drive a man to insanity.

10. Who performs the song in Act 1, Scene 7?
(a) Guy as Filch.
(b) Crispin as MacHeath.
(c) The women in the play.
(d) All answers are correct.

11. Hannah says her daughters have now begun to call the Daddy doll by what name?
(a) Dafydd.
(b) Ian.
(c) Guy.
(d) Crispin.

12. What is one thing about which Hannah complains to Guy as they discuss their relationship?
(a) He doesn't spend enough time with her.
(b) He doesn't have the guts to marry her.
(c) Having to meet in secrecy.
(d) He doesn't give her any money to spend.

13. What does Crispin do when rehearsal breaks after the scene between him and Guy?
(a) He leaves with Linda.
(b) He leaves in a huff.
(c) He begins talking to the new girl in the cast.
(d) He goes backstage for a costume change.

14. What does Rebecca offer her guest before their meeting to discuss the BLM land deal?
(a) All of the answers are correct.
(b) A drink.
(c) A cigarette.
(d) Tea.

15. How does Jarvis describe the sound of a pump engine?
(a) Disturbing.
(b) Cacophonous.
(c) As a vanishing sound of England.
(d) Sweet music to a soldier's ears.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Dafydd do after he shakes the cast member?

2. What does Fay say might happen if Guy doesn't come through for her and Ian on the land deal?

3. Who sings the song at the end of Act 2, Scene 3?

4. What is happening at the beginning of Act 1, Scene 7?

5. Dafydd talks to Guy about whom in the beginning of Act 1, Scene 7?

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